Surprising Benefits of Playing Videos Games

Surprising Benefits of Playing Videos Games

  • Gaming
  • February 6, 2022
  • 7 minutes read

Gone are the days when video games were activities for lazy slobs. Scientific research has proven that several aspects of gaming can have positive real-world applications.

The following are some of the advantages of video games for both children and adults:

  • The mental stimulation that is beneficial
  • Improvement in problem-solving abilities
  • Stress reduction

1. Video games can aid in the development of manual dexterity

Games with controllers can be beneficial for your hands’ coordination. Researchers discovered that surgeons who played video games were faster at conducting advanced procedures and made fewer errors than those who didn’t. Some video games also help stroke patients recover control of their hands and wrists as a form of physical therapy.

2. Video games will help you develop your brain

Gaming is a mental exercise that’s for entertainment. According to studies, playing video games regularly will increase gray matter and improve brain connectivity. (Muscle function, memories, vision, and spatial navigation are all linked to gray matter.)

3. Gamers may have better social skills than non-gamers

There has long been a stereotype that gamers are recluse people of a shy disposition. This premise couldn’t be further from the truth. Gamers are not social misfits who use video games to escape mechanism. Since some video games have a social and interactive aspect, research has found that children who played more video games were more likely to have strong social skills are academically gifted, and form better relationships with other students.

4. Games will show you how to solve problems more effectively

Mission-based multi-level games resemble puzzles. These complex puzzles tend to take a long time to solve. To successfully solve these puzzles, the gamer needs to master the art of critical thinking. In today’s world, the ability to think on your feet has real-world uses. Children who play strategy-based games tend to improve their problem-solving skills at school, leading to better grades.

5. As a gamer, you will become more physically involved

Remember the Nintendo Wii? Today’s game consoles have cutting edge technology that allows players to be active. Virtual reality gaming has already started shifting the perspective of gaming.  This has influenced mobile game developers to develop games that are played through physical space based on real-world location data and encourage players to relocate to progress in the virtual world.

6. Video games might improve your vision

Contrary to popular belief, playing video games will potentially improve your vision. The assumption is your screen time doesn’t exceed 10 hours. It would be best if you also were seated at least two feet away from the screen. Due to the increased spatial resolution, gamers who play video games often see objects more clearly. This is more evident when they are in cluttered spaces. Gamers train their brains to see more minor details because they proved crucial in each game.

7. Video games can be beneficial to one’s mental health

Some video games improve moods, indicating that they can also help alleviate stress. Numerous unrelated studies have shown a link between video games and tension, which is why we sometimes see video games in therapy.

8. They’re a source of fun learning

Due to their popularity, video games have infiltrated all aspects of society. There are video games for almost every interest under the sun. Developers found early on that video games could help children improve in subjects they usually struggle in. Children have seen the benefit of video games in subjects such as reading and mathematics. Today, some games include world history, food, politics, science, design, and other topics you may not have learned about in school.

9. Video games will motivate you to work harder

When playing video games, giving up is never an option. Much like riding a bike before you master the technic, you will make mistakes as you go. As a result, some researchers and educators suggest that video games can teach people to be more self-assured and work toward their goals, seeing each misstep as an opportunity to learn. Immersive games involving strategy and problem-solving skills to win, necessitate players to remember and absorb a large amount of data. Playing these types of games regularly will help children develop their short and long-term memory and help the brain process information more quickly.

Video games enjoyed in a positive, responsible manner can yield positive results. Research supports the points above, and we hope you can improve so many aspects of your life. Pick up a controller and see for yourself. 

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